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Teacher Training Interview and Test Questions

QTS Literacy Tutor helps aspiring trainee teachers prepare for their teacher training interviews as well as the Literacy test that you have to pass once the course has started. We also help prospective trainees to meet all their course requirements including passing the GCSE English equivalency test. 

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We are the best rated provider of all the teacher training support and equivalency testing services. 

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QTS Literacy Tutor is the place to find support for those looking to get into teaching or requiring a functional skills English level  qualification. We have a free online practice test that has been produced by experts to help you revise for your teacher training interview questions. You can use our free English practice test to help familiarise yourself with the types of questions that could appear in your actual interview. Our English tests have been specifically designed to help you improve your spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension skills, all things that are tested during your PGCE. These tests have also been adapted to help people prepare for their functional skills English exam which can now be taken online through the MME service we work with. We help with both the QTS and QTLS route into teaching. For the QTLS route please read this dedicated QTLS teaching guide.

If you require more support then you can always look to book an expert QTS Literacy Tutor. Our English tutors have been trained specifically to help people with their PGCE interview preparation. We also have qualified and experienced functional skills English tutors who can help you prepare for this specific exam. If you haven’t studied English since GCSE Level then the tests can be quite tricky. Also if English is a second language for you then this can also make things difficult when preparing for these types of tests but our tutors understand and are here to help. The final type of tutor we have is to help with the GCSE equivalency test.  We always offer a 100% money back guarantee with your first lesson so you can trial our service and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied you can always get a refund. QTS Literacy Tutor is here to help!

20 Online Practice Tests for PGCE applicants and functional skills learners

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Helping people to pass their GCSE equivalency tests and functional skills level 2 exams. 


Whether you are preparing for a PGCE interview, GCSE English equivalency test or your functional skills English level 2 exam, the QTS Literacy Tutor service is here to help!

This obviously varies from person to person based on how much they are struggling with the content and how much revision they do in their own time; however on average people tend to have a total of only 3 lessons to help them prepare their teacher training interview questions.

Yes at QTS Literacy Tutor we only work with qualified and experienced tutors who have an excellent track record. We have specialists for the PGCE route, but also for the equivalency test and functional skills as each exam is different and requires expert insight to give students the most benefit.

Usually it is best to revise first using the practice tests and then opt for a tutor if you feel you are struggling. This also has the added benefit that it highlights the areas you need most support with if you do opt for a tutor and will inevitably mean you save time and therefore expense, doing it this way round.

We recommend QTS Maths Tutor for all maths related tuition. As we are partnered with the QTS Maths Tutor is site, yes we can help and we will pass you on to the best person!

It is reported to be around 60% but it can vary depending on the difficulty of the exam.

This again varies from test paper to test paper but to achieve a level  it is usually around the 50% through the leading equivalency testing service MME.

The cost of the English courses and practice tests depends on which option you go for. Prices are clearly displayed on the sign up page. The cost of the tuition also depends on which package you go for and whether you are booked in for your exam or not. If you are booked in for your exam the tuition is usually reduced to £25 per session. If you are not booked in with one of our recommended exam providers then the tuition cost is £30 per session.

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