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GCSE Equivalency Tests


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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test
GCSE English Equivalency Test
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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

At QTS Literacy Tutor we help people to prepare for and pass their GCSE equivalency tests in English. Maths, Science and Biology.

The GCSE Equivalency tests are exams that enable prospective teachers to gain access onto initial teacher training courses without the need of a GCSE grade C or level 4. The GCSE equivalency tests are for people who haven’t achieved their level 4 at GCSE or an equivalent qualification that is accepted. The GCSE Equivalency tests are not standardised so there are different providers and different universities and training providers have different criteria. The first question most people ask is, who accepts a GCSE equivalency test result? The answer is nearly all initial teacher training course providers do as well as some nursing courses.

Make sure you are aware of the difference between a GCSE equivalent and GCSE equivalency, these are different things.

All GCSE Equivalency Tests

If you haven’t achieved a grade C or level 4 in your GCSE maths exam then you are likely to have to sit this exam to get onto your course. The maths equivalency test consists of 2 papers, calculator and non-calculator. Both are out of 45 marks and contribute to 50% of the overall mark. The pass mark for the maths equivalency test tends to be in the region of 50 to 60% depending on the difficulty of the paper. Some providers offer higher and foundation exams but it makes sense to stick with foundation as there is less to learn and the exam is usually easier to pass. We recommend having a look at the maths equivalency sample papers before your exam to ensure you are comfortable with style of questions in the exam.

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At QTS Literacy Tutor our specialism is English! Therefore if you are requiring help with your English equivalency prep, or you need an examiner to mark a equivalency sample paper for you and give detailed feedback, then we are here to help. The GCSE English equivalency paper consists of 1-3 sections with most providers sticking with 2 sections that cover GCSE English language. You will need to revise your grammar, punctuation, spelling and comprehension in order to be able to pass the equivalency test. At QTS Literacy Tutor we have a perfect platform to help you prepare for your English equivalency test.

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The Science equivalency test consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics sections, each have equal weighting. The pass mark for the science equivalency test is determined by the difficulty of the exam so there is a wide range of scores you can achieve and pass the exam, it just depends on the paper you get. Science is a little easier to revise than some of the other equivalency tests in that it is all about learning facts. Unlike the full GCSE science exams, the equivalency test has much less focus on practical application, it is more about understanding the content and applying it to questions that appear in your paper. We recommend MME for science and all equivalency tests.

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Fewer people are required to take the Biology equivalency test than the other exams, it is usually trainee nurses that require this qualification if they haven’t already achieved a GCSE equivalent to a C grade or above. The biology content in this equivalency test is in much more depth than the science equivalency test as you have fewer subjects to study. Being successful in your Biology exam is all about making sure you do the right amount of revision. The following buttons go to a series of revision resources and equivalency past papers as well as the booking page. We recommend getting stuck into the revision cards and sample papers before taking the exam.

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