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The GCSE Equivalency Tests

The GCSE Equivalency Tests

The GCSE Equivalency tests are exams that enable prospective teachers to gain access onto initial teacher training courses without the need of a GCSE grade C or level 4. The GCSE equivalency tests are for people who haven’t achieved their level 4 at GCSE or an equivalent qualification that is accepted. The GCSE Equivalency tests are not standardised so there are different providers and different universities and training providers have different criteria. If you need to pass a GCSE equivalency test please make sure you have checked with the University or training provider you have applied to that they will accept the equivalency test result and ask them which course and test provider they are happy with.

There are English, Biology, Science and Maths equivalency tests, all of which are like shortened versions of the GCSE. The questions within the exams tend to be of a similar difficulty and you will need to ensure you do plenty of revision before the tests. For GCSE Equivalency revision materials you can visit Maths Made Easy who provide a dedicated support service for this test.

Whether you are preparing for your English GCSE equivalency test or your maths exam we can help you with directing to the right specialists who can help. People often think if they have a GCSE equivalent such as a functional skills qualification that they¬† don’t need a GCSE; however, it is mandatory that you provide GCSE certificate to your training provider as otherwise they won’t allow you to start the course. If you have lost your certificate or never achieved a grade C or level 4, then you will have two options, either a GCSE resit exam or a GCSE Equivalency test. There are a number of GCSE equivalency test providers but only a few are accepted by teacher training courses. You must always check with your course provider that the test you are going to sit is accepted.

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