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Functional Skills Maths Level 2

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Level 2 Maths Introduction 

The functional skills maths level 2 is a popular qualification since it is a GCSE equivalent qualification that is accepted by Universities and most employers. Majority of people who sit this exam are taking it because they don’t have a GCSE in maths at level 4 or grade.

The functional skills level 2 maths past papers are beneficial to take when preparing for your exam. You should complete the past papers when you have completed your revision and once both of these are done and you feel ready to sit the exam, then you should book your course. You will find that there are multiple functional skills courses that you can take and free online revision resources for level 2 maths that will help you understand the topics in the exam better.

Functional Skills Maths Level 2

How to Book

When you feel like you are ready to sit the exam, there are different booking options you can choose from however we recommend you pick the functional skills maths level 2 online exam option. We recommended the online exam since you don’t have to worry about traveling to the exam centre since you will be taking it at home. You will need a laptop or computer that has a webcam where a professional invigilator will be connected with you online. You want to check that the exam provider is Ofqual regulated and QTS Literacy Tutors recommend MME as the online functional skills maths exam provider since we know they are Ofqual regulated.

Here at QTS literacy Tutors, we have experienced functional skills tutors that can help you with any challenges you are facing. We prepare the learners for their exam by providing a pre-assessment which will help our tutors to understand what knowledge you have and where we can help you. When this has been done, the tutors will provide resources and methods to help overcome any challenges. If you are thinking about getting a functional skills tutor, then please get in touch with us.

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Level 2 Maths Revision

To help prepare for the exam there are a number of resources that learners can access including Functional skills maths level 2 past papers and practice tests. Functional skills past papers are a great way to revise along with their associated mark schemes. Other functional skills English resources include:

Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Revision


Level 2 is the preferred option for those looking to complete a QTLS route into teaching. The following frequently asked questions cover everything you need to know about the QTLS route.

What is QTLS? 

It is a teaching status, an alternative to QTS and stands for Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills status. The QTLS is a popular route into teaching due to the fact you do not require a degree or GCSE’s as long as you have the functional skills qualifications.

What is a functional skills qualification?

A functional skills qualification is an equivalent to GCSE grade 4/C, it is a level 2 qualification.

Do I need a functional skills level 2 in maths and English to do my QTLS?

You need either the level 2 functional skills or a GCSE C/Level 4 grade. If you do not have a GCSE then you will need the functional skills qualification in order to gain access onto the QTLS scheme.

Where can I complete my level 2 maths qualification for QTLS? 

Follow our partner services below to get the required support:

QTLS support service

Functional skills maths level 2 online exam

Functional skills maths level 2 past papers

Functional skills maths revision cards 

What functional skills English support is there out there?

There is a lot of support:

You can access functional skills English level 2 courses here

To get the qualification you will need to sit the exams. You can book an online level 2 English exam here.

There is QTLS functional skills information here.

Who is SET and what do they do? 

SET is Society for Education and Training, they are part of the Education Training Foundation. You need to register with set to gain your QTLS status.