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Functional Skills

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Functional Skills English Level 2

Welcome to the QTS Literacy Tutors page that provides you information about the maths and English functional skills level 2. The level 2 qualifications are GCSE equivalents that are widely accepted by universities and course providers in place of a GCSE grade C or level 4.

Functional Skills English level 2 is now a qualification that can be sat at home with Ofqual regulated examinations through many of the major exam boards such as City & Guilds, AQA and NCFE. The level 2 English qualification is composed of 3 examinations: reading, writing and the SLC (speaking, listening and communicating). To get access to a full level 2 English course or to book an online exam, please see the details below.

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Functional Skills Maths Level 2

Functional Skills Maths level 2 is the most popular online exam that is regulated by Ofqual with thousands of learners a year taking this exam. Through our partner site MME, we can  offer our learners the cheapest online level 2 maths exams as well as access to the very best online courses.

In addition to the online courses and exam you can also access the very best revision materials through websites such as Pass Functional Skills, who also offer the opportunity to sit online maths and English exams with different exam boards.

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The Levels

There is a process that you have to go through for both the English and maths functional skills exam. There are 5 levels and the last level is the GCSE equivalent qualification. The starting level is entry level 1, then entry level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and the final one is level 2. The level you need for university and for most employers is level 2. Many colleges advise learners to go through level 1 first before moving onto level 2, but this is usually due to the fact there is more funding for them if you do both levels. For many people, going straight for level 2 and getting this qualification sooner rather than later is the better option which is why often College isn’t always the best route if you can afford to self fund the qualification in a shorter space of time.

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Exam Boards

There are a number of different awarding bodies that provide English and maths functional skills qualifications. Out of all of the exam boards, Edexcel and City and Guilds are the two largest. The most popular exam that is sat throughout the years is the City and Guilds functional skills level 2. Majority of the exam boards are very similar since the curriculum is set by the government. Even though they have the same curriculum, there are different functional skills courses, therefore you should look to see which is best for you. The major exam boards that deliver functional skills qualifications are:

QTS Literacy Tutors has put together below the most frequently asked questions to help provide you with information about the functional skills qualifications.


What is a functional skills qualification?
A functional skills qualification in English and maths at level 2 is a GCSE equivalent qualification that is for people who didn’t achieve a grade C or level 4 at GCSE.

What is the difference between functional skills and GCSE?
The biggest difference between these two qualifications is the amount of content you will need to know before the exam. The functional skills exam questions are real life situations whereas the GCSE questions are more abstract.

Is functional skills easier than GCSE?
This depends on the learner and what they find easier. If you find real life situations as the questions then you will prefer functional skills.

Can I get a free functional skills exam?
Yes, some functional skills courses you can do depending if you fit the government’s criteria. If you are older than 19, you don’t fit the criteria unfortunately but that doesn’t mean you can’t get funding, you can try to apply through apprenticeships programmes instead. MME has the cheapest English functional skills exams that are online.

Can I take an online functional skills maths level 2 exam?
MMe offers functional skills maths level 2 exams.

What is the pass mark for the functional skills exams?
The mark can vary depending on the difficulty of the paper but on average it is around 50-60% but this could always change.

How long does it take to complete a functional skills qualification?
Each person is different, there is no set time to complete it. QTS Literacy Tutors will provide you with a programme and we will look at the knowledge you have, the knowledge you need to take the exam and when you need the qualification to know how long it will take you.

Can functional skills get you a Job?
Yes this qualification will help you to get a job since the level 2 is a GCSE equivalent qualification.