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Functional Skills English Level 2

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The functional skills English level 2 qualification is taken by people who want to achieve a GCSE English equivalent for one of the following reasons:

  1. Get into University
  2. Access other further education routes
  3. Complete an apprenticeship scheme
  4. Improve employment chances
  5. Career development

There are other reasons for why someone would want to take a functional skills English level 2 exam, but those listed above are the most common reasons. At QTS Literacy Tutor we are here to help people to prepare for their exam, through our functional skills English level 2 course.

Functional Skills English Level 2

What is Functional Skills English?

Functional skills English is a GCSE equivalent qualification. Whether you have applied to Uni or you are looking at job applications on Indeed, you may see the phrase ‘GCSE or equivalent’ used when talking about qualifications, well the ‘equivalent’ is functional skills level 2. There are 5 levels to functional skills, but only the top level, level 2, is a GCSE equivalent. The functional skills English content is not too dissimilar to the GCSE English language it is just more applicable to every day life situations and contexts. Through the level 2 course, you will improve your skills in key areas such as spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension which all feed into your reading and writing exams. The third component of the level 2 exam is the speaking, listening and communicating which will be covered off in our tutorials. Unlike the GCSE, the level 2 exams are simply pass or fail which makes them easier to prepare for. Once you have your level 2 qualification you will be able to use it for Uni and job applications.

Functional Skills English Level 2

How do I revise for my functional skills English level 2?

Functional skills English level 2 revision via MME is the best way to revise for your exam. You can get access to free past papers and online mock exams as well as a comprehensive course to help you revise for your exam. Through MME you can also look to book your level 2 English exam which is explained in more detail below. The CGP English revision guides are also a good way to start your revision for the level 2 qualification although they aren’t usually sufficient to see you through the qualification without the past paper practise.

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How can I pass my functional skills English level 2 exam? 

The key to passing any exam is preparation and revision and the level 2 exams are no different. Working through the QTS revision materials and getting the input from one of the course tutors will really help you to prepare and understand what you have to do to pass the level 2 exam.

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Will my Uni/ employer/ apprenticeship scheme accept a level 2? 

In the vast majority of cases the answer is yes. If the application asks for a GCSE or equivalent then the level 2 qualification will be accepted.

Functional Skills English Level 2

Where can I access functional skills English level 2 past papers

The following link will give you full access to the functional skills level English level 2 past papers. The level 2 past papers are a great way to revise and prepare for the exam and using the mark schemes to help you understand what the examiners are looking for is also useful exercise.

Past Papers

How do I book my functional skills English exam? 

There are a number of reputable services you can use to take your functional skills English level 2 exam. The following two services are the ones that we would recommend as both offer Ofqual regulated exams with a fast results turn around.