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At QTS Literacy Tutor we have the very best people to help you pass your professional literacy skills test. All of our literacy skills tutors are experienced and have exceptional pass rates. Whether you are finding the punctuation section tricky or you need help with the comprehension part of the test, our literacy skills tutors will show you the techniques to help you overcome all of the challenges presented by the QTS literacy exam.

  • Our QTS Literacy Skills Test tutors are experts in the test and teach up to 25 students a week.
  • With your first lesson we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if you are not happy with the tuition, simply let us know and we will ensure you get a full refund.
  • All of our literacy skills tutors are qualified, trained and experienced in the professional literacy skills test, they are not just GCSE English teachers.
  • We offer both online and in person tuition in every major city in the country including London, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, York, Wolverhampton and many other areas across England. If you are looking for a qts literacy skills test tutor in your area then get in touch with us today.

All of our literacy skills test tutors are experienced and teach effective methods that can be used to help you to pass your professional literacy skills test!


Literacy Skills tuition can help you pass the qts test in less time and with fewer attempts and much less stress.
Our expert literacy skills test tutors have exceptional experience and a pass rate above 95%.
The tuition is set up usually within 24 hours. Lessons last an hour and during this time a lot of content can be covered across all four sections of the exam.

This obviously varies from person to person based on how much they are struggling with the content and how much revision they do in their own time; however on average those who need a lot of help have  lessons before they are ready to take their test. This is based on those who also use the QTS Literacy Tutor practice tests to help them revise.

Our literacy skills test tutors are all experienced with the QTS test and help many people every week to pass this test. All tutors are qualified teachers and have previously taught English to a high level.

People who purchase both the resource pack and tuition tend to have fewer lessons and pass their literacy skills test in less time. The tuition is usually more effective when a student goes through the tests and identifies specific areas that they need help with and then gets the tutor to work through these areas with them.

It is reported to be around 60% but it can vary depending on the difficulty of the exam.

We have close to a 100% pass rate with our expert literacy skills tutors.

This is your choice but the clear advantage to the one to one online tuition is that the tutors teach full time for the literacy skills test so on average have significantly higher pass rates than the in person tutors. Additionally your first online lesson is protected by a 100% money back guarantee, so if you do not learn tonnes in your first lesson, let us know and we will issue an immediate refund.

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