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Monthly Archives: September 2018

27 Sep

QTS Literacy Skills Test Book

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The QTS skills tests are a challenging part of the process of becoming a teacher. The QTS literacy skills test includes four sub topics; Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation and Comprehension. Each part of the test is difficult in its own right.  QTS Literacy Tutor provides the very best resources and private tuition in the country. There [...]

26 Sep

How should I practice for the QTS skills tests?

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The most effective way to successfully practice for the QTS Skills Tests is to use QTS Literacy Tutor’s online practice tests. QTS Literacy Tutor is the UK’s leading provider of online resources and private, one to one tuition for the QTS skills tests. Practising for the QTS skills tests can be difficult and challenging for [...]

17 Sep

What is the pass mark for the literacy skills test?

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The literacy skills test pass mark is reported to be around 65% which. The actual pass mark can vary depending on the difficulty of the test and the literacy skills test overall mark varies from test to test so a gross mark is difficult to determine. QTS Skills Test Often the first question that people [...]

8 Sep

QTS Literacy Tutor – Private Tuition

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QTS Literacy Tutor is one of the UK’s leading provider of resources and tuition for the literacy skills test. The literacy skills test is sat alongside the numeracy skills test, by trainee teachers wishing to pursue a career in teaching. The literacy skills test brings with it, its own challenges. The literacy skills test is [...]