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BCU Equivalency Test

BCU Equivalency Test

The BCU equivalency test is required for entrance to QTS Maths Tutor’s teacher training programme. Other colleges and teacher training courses are not included in the BCU equivalency test. There’s no way to determine if the topics covered are GCSE-level or if the pass scores are in any way connected to GCSE grades because the BCU is an internally developed exam that hasn’t been independently tested or standardised. The outcome of a BCU equivalency test is not the same as a GCSE, and it can only be used to get into BCU’s PGCE teacher training programme.




Who has to sit the BCU equivalency test? 

Anyone who does not have a GCSE in Math, English, or Science must take a BCU equivalency exam before enrolling in a PGCE programme.

Will my training provider accept a BCU equivalency test result?

You should look for a different equivalency provider if you are not enrolling on BCU.

What is the cost of a BCU equivalency test? 

Depending on which course you choose and the number of tests you sit, the price will vary. Additionally, BCU has a fixed admissions fee, it is required that you pay this before scheduling your examinations. 

What is in the BCU maths equivalency test? 

Although the BCU Maths equivalence examination covers a number of essential GCSE topics, it is not graded against any recognised GCSE standard or exam board.

What is in the BCU English equivalency test? 

Despite the fact that it contains components of the GCSE English language standard, it is not aligned with any specific exam board.

What is in the BCU Science equivalency test? 

Subjects for the AQA combined science test are listed below. Despite the fact that it’s unclear how some themes were picked, and the BCU website’s URLs don’t appear to match,


Cell Biology

Transport in Cells



Atomic Structure

Periodic Table


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