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29 May

Skills Test Practice

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If you are looking for skills test practice resources or things to help you prepare for your professional skills tests then QTS Literacy Tutor and QTS Maths Tutor can help. Our dedicated service is specifically aimed at prospective teachers who want to gain access on to their ITT (Initial teacher training) course in order to [...]

22 May

The QTS Skills Test Book

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A new QTS Skills Test book is about to be released and it as ever it will be the most comprehensive book available for the professional skills tests. Many prospective teachers struggle with the QTS Skills Tests and the first port of call is to purchase a skills test book. The QTS Skills Tests consist [...]

14 May

QTS Practice Tests

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If you are looking for QTS Practice Tests then we are here to help. The professional skills tests are tricky and are often the last hurdle that prospective teachers have to overcome in order to gain qualified teacher status. The following list will direct you to all of the best QTS practice tests online: The [...]

24 Apr

Where do I go online to book my literacy skills test?

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If you feel that you are ready to sit your literacy skills test, go on to the Department of Education website, you will then be asked to register your details. Once you have registered your details, you can book your test at the nearest testing centre to you. It is worth remembering that you have [...]

18 Apr

How many times can I sit the literacy skills test?

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Historically, you could only sit the test 3 times and you were then locked out for two year. This caused people to get increasingly stressed about sitting the skills tests. However, you can now sit the literacy skills test as many times as it takes you to pass and the first 3 attempts are completely [...]

12 Apr

How should I practice for the QTS skills tests?

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The most effective way to successfully practice for the QTS Skills Tests is to use QTS Literacy Tutor’s online practice tests. QTS Literacy Tutor is the UK’s leading provider of online resources and private, one to one tuition for the QTS skills tests. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot. Practising for the QTS skills tests [...]

8 Mar

What percentage should I be looking to achieve in order to pass the literacy skills test?

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The literacy skills test pass mark is reported to be around 65% which. The actual pass mark can vary depending on the difficulty of the test and the literacy skills test overall mark varies from test to test so a gross mark is difficult to determine. Often the first question that people ask when preparing [...]

27 Feb

I am sitting my professional skills tests soon, should I revise for these?

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Doing a sufficient amount of revision before sitting the professional skills tests is crucial to being in the best possible place to pass the tests. In terms of preparing for the literacy skills test, using practice tests can be a highly effective way to prepare for your test. QTS Literacy Tutor is the highest rated [...]