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GCSE English equivalency test

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At QTS Literacy Tutor we tutor many people who are also preparing for a GCSE equivalent qualification. We tend to see that those preparing for the QTS literacy exam and finding this difficult also require help with their English equivalency test. For those who are preparing for either their GCSE equivalent test, you can get specialist support from a dedicated service that helps people with both the English and maths equivalency test, Maths Made Easy. Through this service you will be able to find both excellent free resources as well as one to one support for your equivalency test.

GCSE Equivalency FAQs

Do I have to sit the GCSE equivalency tests?
If you haven’t managed to gain a grade C or level 4 in GCSE maths and English will be required to obtain a GCSE equivalent qualification; this could be a functional skills qualification, or an equivalency test.

What help is there for the GCSE equivalency tests?
There are a few specialist support services out there to help you prepare for and pass your GCSE equivalency tests. Maths Made Easy helps people with both their maths and English equivalent exams.

Where do I go to sit my GCSE equivalent exam?
If you have applied directly to a University then they may make arrangements for you to sit the exam on their campus. Many UK Universities now accept equivalency test results from external providers such as Equivalency

Where do I go to get the topics for the equivalency tests?
There are a few websites that offer equivalency test resources and breakdown of the specifications. We recommend Maths Made Easy for all things equivalency test.

Where can I find more information on the maths equivalency test?
You can visit our sister site, QT Maths Tutor for more information about the GCSE equivalency test and also Maths Made Easy where you will find resources, information and general support for both equivalency tests.