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GCSE Equivalency

GCSE Equivalency

To gain access to University or get a better chance at employment, maths and English GCSE or equivalent qualification is required. Because they are required, GCSE equivalents have become a popular qualification.

There are two exams that are popular. The two exams are GCSE Equivalency Tests and functional skills. The functional skills qualification has 5 levels which level 2, the last level, is the GCSE equivalent qualification. If you are older than 19 then you have to sign up as an independent learner to sit the exam but if you are 19 or younger then you can take the functional skills course in your local college and the government will fund it. The GCSE Equivalency Tests are taken by people who are looking at teacher training courses. This exam can be taken at any point.

GCSE exams are the best standard but there are only two points within a year that they can be taken. BTEC and NVQ are also a GCSE equivalent qualification but they are not as popular as functional skills.

QTS Literacy Tutors is a service that gives sessions in maths and English. MME is another service that we have partnered with to give you the best materials for your exam. There are two ways that you sit a functional skills exam. The first is at a testing centre or you can take the online functional skills exam. You can book your exam through MME.

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