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Pass Functional Skills

Pass Functional Skills

Here at Literacy Skills Test. We work alongside  Pass Functional Skills to assist learners in getting their functional skills qualifications. You can use this service to study for your functional skills exams and get help scheduling an Ofqual-approved exam 


Functional skills are important for learners who do not have a GCSE level 4 or Grade C, along with international learners who want to enrol into a course in search of work in the UK, because it showcases the essential Maths and English skills that course providers and employers desire during the hiring process. Functional skills is the greatest choice if you have not acquired a GCSE in Maths or English. Obtaining a level 2 or above is valuable because it is a requirement with all higher educational programmes. 


Level 2 qualifications are recognised as comparable to level 4 qualifications by universities, companies, and training providers across the country. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Ofqual has worked with all the exam boards to produce online functional skills maths exams that are equivalent to the physical exams that were previously offered. You can undertake your level 2 exam using a computer and a camera, both of which can be quickly set up from the convenience of your own home. Below are links to websites where you can acquire revision material and register to take your exams. 



The  Level 2 Maths and English qualifications that we propos are overseen by ofqual, and a literacy skills test tutor can give professional tutoring to enable you to pass your functional skills maths exam.


Level 1 Functional Skills.



The mission of Pass Functional Skills is to assist people in obtaining their level 1 Maths and English certificates. This highly specialised website includes everything from past papers to study materials. The most popular level 1 Maths and English pages are located below. 


When it comes to level 1 and 2 related exams, keep Pass Functional Skills in mind 

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