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Please read these instructions carefully before you start this test.

The test will start when you press next.

The test contains four sections, each of which are worth the following marks:

  • Spelling – 10 marks
  • Punctuation – 15 marks
  • Grammar – 8 to 12 marks
  • Comprehension – 8 to 12 marks

You press next to move to the next question and you can also use the navigational menu at the bottom of the screen to do this.

The time limit applies to all of the questions. You are allowed to go back to a question and change your answer if you decide to, as long as it is within the overall time limit. However, you can’t go back to the spelling section once you have completed it.

When you select ‘End Test’ the test will finish regardless of whether you have answered all of the questions or you have used up the time, so make sure you have finished before clicking this button.