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The QTS Skills Test Book

The QTS Skills Test Book

A new QTS Skills Test book is about to be released and it as ever it will be the most comprehensive book available for the professional skills tests. Many prospective teachers struggle with the QTS Skills Tests and the first port of call is to purchase a skills test book. The QTS Skills Tests consist of both the numeracy and literacy skills test, both of which have different challenges. For most people preparing for the qts tests it is the fact that they haven’t covered maths or English as an academic subject for quite a while that makes the tests seem more difficult. Getting back into the methods for maths and the rules for English is essential and many people find a qts skills test book is a good way to start this process.

What does the new combined qts skills test book contain?

The book is naturally split into two sections, the first section being targeted at the numeracy skills test and the second at the literacy skills test. The numeracy section provides many explanations and examples for each area of the mental arithmetic test, including fractions, percentages, decimals, conversions, multiplication and all the areas outlined in the governments specification. Each topic is covered with an explanation, multiple worked examples and then many practise questions so you have an opportunity to practise what you have learnt. The written data section is set out in the same way covering all aspects of the test with explanations, examples and multiple questions. There is also a mock exam paper at the end of the numeracy section.

For the literacy skills test the 4 sections; spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension are all covered in depth. Each section has in depth explanations with examples, practise questions and top tips for the test. At the end of the literacy section there is a full mock test. If you are looking to prepare for both of your professional skills tests then this qts skills book is the book to buy.



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