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Entry Level 3 Maths

Entry Level 3 Maths

No matter the age, background or mathematical ability of an individual, we at Literacy Skills Test want to be able to help every student that is looking to progress through functional skills. The starting point for some of these learners will be needing to study the entry level 3 maths. We look to support and guide all students through this process as well as teachers and tutors who are using these resources to teach. 


There are many topics in the curriculum and the entry level 3 maths revision materials we provide include everything that a tutor and student needs. The page presents users with a table that has all the topics from Line Graphs to Rounding and Estimating. This gives everyone the freedom to pick a topic page and go through the useful revision notes, practice questions and model solutions on said page. This website also gives students and teachers access to worksheet questions and mark scheme answers. These provide learners with a perfect chance to answer questions that are up to exam standard and see what subjects they are strong in and what they are struggling with. It is very important to balance and know where to focus on in your study time.


Once you have exhausted and fully used these entry level 3 maths resources, you can then go onto the entry level past papers. Something that is very good about these is that they put students in an exam-like situation with questions and problems similar to what may come out on the actual exams. The mark scheme answers will also be provided here so that they can be practiced thoroughly. When you feel prepared and ready, you can book your entry level 3 exam and then move onto the functional skills after that. You have the choice of either going through level 1 and then level 2 or jumping straight to level 2. Most schools do recommend progressing through both but that is completely down to the learner and what works best for them. We will guide everyone through this process and support all students in getting through functional skills. 

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