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Functional Skills Level 2 English Past Papers

Functional Skills Level 2 English Past Papers

Here at Literacy Skill Tests, we aim to provide access to the best resources for your English Level 2 Exams. This article will be going over one of the most effective resources, the Functional Skills English Level 2 past papers. The Past papers that we will be talking about specifically come from the PFS site, however there are multiple other sites that have perfectly good Past Papers if the ones we recommend don’t suit you. 


The Past Papers are the exams people have taken in the past, and is based on the assessment of your skills in:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking, Listening and Communicating

The Past Papers we recommend offer papers from multiple different exam boards, so you can revise from the ones that best suit the exam that you will be taking. The only difference between the different exam board exams being the structure of the exams, what you will be assessed on will be the same. 


To get the most out of the Functional Skills English Past Papers, we recommend taking them in exam conditions, as well as timing it when you take them. This will give you a lot of experience of what it will actually be like when taking the English Exam. To make the experience more useful for your revision, the Past Papers will also come with their own marking scheme so you can mark your own papers. This shows you exactly where you went wrong, and how to answer the questions in the Past Papers properly.


If you don’t want to mark the Past Papers yourself, we offer the service. We will then go through everything that you have done wrong, as well as how to do it correctly. We will also help tutor you in the subjects that you are weak to to help get you ready for your exam.

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