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Functional Skills Level 2 in London

Functional Skills Level 2 in London

We at Literacy Skills Test want learners to be able to progress and achieve their goals of acquiring qualifications for better futures. We do this by supporting them and guiding them through the process. The team we have here supports students in all major subjects like English, science and maths. Recently our focus has been on students who are trying to get their Functional Skills maths and English level 2 qualifications. This form of qualification has seen an increase in popularity with how accessible it is in comparison to the normal GCSE exams.  With this comes the demand for more support across the country for Functional Skills, which is why we recommend other local services to help. A hotspot for requests recently has been Functional Skills level 2 in Londo, and you can get the support you need through this service. 


The Functional Skills level 2 exams can be taken any time of the year and is a big benefit for many people. It also covers less subject matter so learners will have less to study and revise in comparison to the traditional GCSE exams. This works out great for the older students who are trying to gain qualifications while also juggling home and work responsibilities. Results also come back faster which is good for learners who may have deadlines to beat in acquiring their qualifications. Functional Skills level 2 can open up many opportunities for people because it is a GCSE grade C equivalent that is accepted by most employers and Universities in the UK. We provide many areas with our support but there are many requests from other places around the country that we cannot cover. We have partnered with other services to help facilitate Functional Skills Level 2 support requests in those areas. If you are looking for Functional Skills level 2 support in London, our partner services are happy to help you. 


If you want to book a Functional Skills exam centre in London or book with a tutor, this service is exactly what you need. Past papers, revision guides and revision cards are also available to you if you want to use them. We want to help and support all learners in gaining their qualifications and taking another major step towards their goals. 


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