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GCSE Equivalency Tests

GCSE Equivalency Tests

If you are looking for qualifications to proceed into further education or boost your chances of landing better jobs, then we at Literacy Skills Test are here to help you achieve just that. A popular option these days are the GCSE equivalency tests. For many courses, this qualification will enable you to proceed. Just a few examples of how you can use this is a PGCE, midwifery, nursing and you can use it for entering teaching as well. It is also a great alternative option for the international students who do not have qualifications equivalent to a GCSE grade C and are needing one to take the next step in their careers. If you are worried about the standard and quality of this, the tests are benchmarked against major GCSE exam boards like AQA and Edexcel for assurance. The only big difference is that the equivalency tests are adjusted to be taken in a shorter amount of time.


With there being many options for providers of GCSE equivalency tests, we do want learners to know that there are only a select couple that are accepted by all the major Universities. We advise everyone to stick to these two with our main recommendation being A Star equivalency. Then the whole process of taking your exam should be smooth as you will be sent details and instructions before your exam day. Online invigilation makes taking the exam from home possible, and you can take it at a time that suits you and your schedule best. Flexibility is a key aspect of this set of qualifications. Once the results come back and you have passed, you will be given a certificate as proof. A unique code will also be provided for each learner to verify the qualifications that have been received. 


We understand that all students will want to feel as prepared as they possibly can be before exams so we also provide 1-2-1 support for those who need it. We have tutors for all major subjects like maths, science and English who would be more than happy to assist you. Identifying the parts where you are weak and need improvement on is a crucial part of revising. If you are in need of support in this manner, contact us for more information.

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