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How do you pass the literacy skills test

How do you pass the literacy skills test

How do you pass the literacy skills test? 

This is a question that many prospective trainees ask, fortunately QTS Literacy Tutor can help you to prepare effectively for your exam so this final hurdle doesn’t prevent you from achieving qualified teacher status.

The following steps are what we think are the key to helping yourself to pass the literacy skills test.

  1. Start by getting your self a qts revision book. QTS Literacy Tutor is one the leading publishers of expert qts skills test books, including our combined ‘Pass your QTS NUMERACY & LITERACY SKILLS TEST’ book which can bow be purchased from the QTS shop and Amazon.
  2. Start working through the 4 government tests, using the answer sheets to see which areas you are still struggling with.
  3. Access the QTS literacy spellings check list.
  4. Use YouTube videos to help you learn the strucutre and top tips for the professional literacy skills test.
  5. Use the literacy skills practice tests on the QTS Literacy skills tutor including the free literacy skills test.

Once you have covered all of the above and you are feeling more confident about your test, book in a date and get ready to pass! Make sure you give yourself plenty of time in advance of your test to get prepared so that you ease the pressure on the day of the exam. Try to get booked in at a local testing centre and plan your journey so that on the day of the exam you know exactly what you are doing.


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