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QLT Update Blog

QLT Update Blog

At QTS Literacy Tutor we have recently updated our tests to make them work in exactly the same way as the government tests so that people preparing for their professional literacy skills test can have the most realistic revision experience.

The professional literacy skills test is comprised of 4 sections, spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension. Many people who are preparing for their QTS Skills Tests find them difficult because most people haven’t studied maths or English for a while and as a result are quite rusty when it comes to some of the technicalities. Additionally the tests are quite tricky and under exam pressure they can become very difficult to pass. What doesn’t help is the lack of high quality revision materials out there and the lack of government practice tests which haven’t been updated for about 4 years. Because of this we have redeveloped our professional skills practice tests to make our literacy tests the most realistic tests available anywhere. They have been updated with new question types and accurately reflect the format of the real exam.

For those who people who need more support on top of the literacy skills practice tests, you can always look to recruit the help of one of our expert literacy skills tutors. Our literacy skills tuition is provided by qualified teachers who have extensive experience tutoring people to pass the professional QTS Literacy skills test. Whether you want literacy skills practice tests or an expert tutor, get in touch with QTS Literacy Tutor today and we will help.

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