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A Level Maths Revision

A Level Maths Revision

Here at Literacy Skills Test, we provide guidance and assistance for students in all the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. A subject that has gathered quite a reputation for being hard though is A-level maths. We help and support learners through the process of tackling this intimidating task every step of the way. The tools we provide for A-level maths revision is of great quality and ensures that any student of any age goes into their exams confident that they can pass.


The Maths Made Easy website provides so much information and is a great way to revise in preparation for your exams. It covers every topic of the A-level maths curriculum that you will need and it goes through them in a way that makes sure you learn. Just a few topics that it covers include Exponentials and Logarithms, Graph Transformations, Motion Graphs and Newton’s Laws. They are introduced in a way to help you fully understand and slowly guide you towards the more complex parts of the subject. Predicted papers then provide you with a way to test your knowledge and understanding in a test environment with authentic questions to be answered. There are also the revision cards that can measure what parts you are strong in and what you are struggling with. 

Identifying what you need to focus on and learn more in depth is very important when going through your A-level maths revision


With all these great resources that are available, a learner should be able to pass their exams proudly. It is important that they use these tools efficiently and learn at their own pace. We at Literacy Skills Test will help students every step of the way.

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