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Functional Skills Level 2 English

Functional Skills Level 2 English

Here at Leeds Maths Tutor, we aim to help support students of all ages with their Functional Skills English Level 2 Exam. The services include helping students in their preparation for their exams, as well as assisting with the booking of the exam itself.


The Functional Skills English Level 2 qualification is an equivalent to a grade C in English. So it is great if you were unable to get that grade originally for whatever reason. Allowing you to have access to university courses, apprenticeships, and other course routes. Since many of the people looking to take the exam have not studied the subject for many years, we aim to teach them everything they need to know. Including:


  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar
  • Reading skills
  • Speaking, Listening and Communication skills


The Functional Skills English Exam itself is split into 3 parts, these are the Reading exam (1 hour) and the Writing exam (1 hour), as well as the Speaking, Listening and Communication Exam. So the skills mentioned above will be very important for 1, if not both of the exams. With any exam, practice makes perfect! So your tutoring services will be perfect as we will go over everything however many times is required for you to get a good understanding of the subject. A large part of our English Level 2 Tuition focuses on getting the students reading/writing skills up to exam level, then we work out from there until you are confident you have the knowledge needed.


For the SLC, you will be asked to produce a presentation, during the presentation you will be graded on the clarity of the presentation, as well as how you interact with the other learners lso doing the SLC. Your grade for this part will rely on your demonstration of listening, as well as your ability to communicate effectively.

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